"Lynette hasn't just built an Experian Consumer Services (ECS) internal communications infrastructure, she has built a village. Few people have engaged so many in such a short period of time at ECS. She has lead a remarkable transformation of information exchange and increased communication at ECS - and she has barely started to roll up her sleeves. She makes internal communication "cool" and infects others with her open, fun approach to communications. Her impact has been huge for ECS and she leads by listening. What a concept!" 

Greg Young | Experian Consumer Services, PR, Content & Social Director

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lynette in both a professional and collegiate environment. Without a doubt, Lynette is sharp, bright and brings a 100% can-do attitude. Her client management style is proactive and strategic, making it easy and efficient to work with her. As someone with high standards for a PR consultant, Lynette has surpassed my expectations. While she graduated a year after me, I had no doubt her experience exceeded my own and am SO incredibly grateful to have her run major PR projects for our company. I can't say enough good things about her. From designing press kits, to writing, to strategy, to email correspondence, this girl knows what she's doing!" 

Thania Guardino | Mead Instruments, Marketing Manager

"I had the privilege of working with Lynette for several years and watched her grow from an intern to a member of the communications team. She's one of the most mature talents I've seen in years, always up for the task ahead and exceeding expectations along the way. She made many contributions to the PR team and her ability to adapt to change proved will with increased responsibility on internal communications. In short, Lynette is a true Rock Star!" 

Rob Poetsch | Taco Bell, Public Affairs & Engagement

"I met Lynette while she was working on our Public Relations team and was immediately impressed by her professionalism, endearing smile and tenacity. She is also very kind, witty, and is an extremely quick learner and candid thought partner. We knew we had to have her on the internal Communications team. 

I loved watching Lynette shine around leading Team Member engagement efforts during the national product launch of the game changing Doritos Locos Tacos and seeing her interact with our restaurant teams. She loved being part of the experience and writing highlights around some of our top field leaders and how they are doing their part locally to build a better Taco Bell brand. Lynette also streamlined communications and managed our weekly newsletters to our headquarters, 6,000+ restaurants and nearly 400 franchise organizations. 

I could not be more thankful and proud to have worked with Lynette. I know she will have a tremendous future and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should consider themselves lucky. She thinks BIG and genuinely puts whatever she is working on first." 

Jennifer Bosco | Taco Bell, Communications

"Lynette is wise beyond her years and I firmly believe she will contribute immensely no matter where the road takes her. She earned a place on the Taco Bell Public Affairs Team early in her career and has flourished into a broad range of communications, always showing the initiative to take on new challenges and succeed. Lynette is conscientiousness, an excellent team-player, and just a pleasure to work with!" 

Deb Bell | Director, Citizen Relations